January 19, 2016

2015 – 50 Favorites – NJ NYC Wedding Photographer


Whoa, this was hard. Trying to narrow down my most favorite year yet into 50 of my favorite images from this year. I loved all the weddings and all of my clients. This “list” is totally arbitraty. I had to narrow down from easily 30,000 photos, to 500, to 136 to these 50 images which I feel represent my year. This year was so filled with passion and learning and exploring. I feel like I am really finding my own way through wedding photography. I understand there are so many options for couples getting married. It really makes me feel humbled and astonished that people *choose* me to tell their story. More often than not, I get to be the one to craft their wedding days. I choose where and when we will be somewhere. I get to hand craft this vision of beauty for them and for future generations to remember. It really is a mix of so so many emotions. Narrowing down to 50 images from the year was not easy at all. I couldn’t choose every session, I couldn’t even understand how many more images would be shared if I could show you my favorite shoes or favorite flowers or favorite people or favorite venues…. jeez, we don’t have all day! From NYC to Paris, France to Maryland and California (and so many places in between) , here are my favorite wedding and engagement images from 2015… (check out the top 100)

















































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