Engagement Session Styling

Lets talk about Engagement styling. {Wanna skip ahead to the inspiration boards I put together?}  {or prefer to skim the bullet points in this one minute video below?}

The absolute most important factor when choosing an outfit for your engagement session is feeling beautiful. In a very very close second is feeling comfortable. Couples should feel confident and radiant behind the lens. That first step to feeling beautiful is being with someone you love and who loves you! Remember that! Its the reason we are doing the session, to celebrate this time in your life and the love and adventure of life you’re going to be spending together. We know that makes us feel the most amazing, but with that we need to find something to wear that is awesome and represents us as a couple to our family and friends.

Lets take into account where your session is taking place. Is it at the beach, in the deserts of Joshua Tree, the mountains on a fall day? The city in winter? Garden in the spring? A summer night downtown? At home cuddled up and making pancakes? Where we are doing your session really can help choosing your ensembles.

Some tips for the session:

-Get your hair, makeup and nails done. This is a great time to do your trial and pamper yourself! You’ve been working hard on wedding planning, you deserve to feel beautiful! Go out on a date afterwards and talk about anything but the wedding!

-Don’t match! Matching t-shirts and jeans are a thing of the past. Today we celebrate our individuality. Find something that you feel represents you.

-Coordinate those colors and textures. Choose from velvet, suede, leathers, cottons, silks. Laying is fun, especially in fall and winter!

-As a good base its great to pick some neutrals (brown, cream, navy, black, grey, jean, olive) and build your style around that with pops of other brighter and fun colors like mustard, teal, coral, and plum! So many options for combinations.

-Have some fun with it! This is meant to be a special time. Do you want to feel cool and edgy, or classic and polished? Either is fun for me! I love all of my couples’ individuality.

-Make sure everything fits, and nothing is falling out in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. We all have that pair of jeans that sits just a little too low, or that dress where the annoying straps fall down and your bra is showing.

-Dress it up with accessories! Like with some cute pineapple earrings or a bright nail polish.

-Check out what it all looks like together. Take a selfie with your boo and let’s see it! If you want assurance it will photograph well, shoot me an email!

-Don’t forget a lint roller, especially if you have pets or live in a dusty area!

Looking for more specific examples? 

Polyvore is so much fun! Its a place that you can mix and match outfits with real clothes and items you can shop for. But I just use it for fun! Check out my Polyvore to see some more engagement outfit ideas! Check out the video I put together below for examples.