This is a date.

My goal at your session is document a little of what it is to be you + looking extra good with the person you dig the most. This is a date. You go to the movies. You go on hikes. You go to the farmers market and what makes it different is that with this person it’s funnn!

I wanna see you guys play. Grab a drink before. Flirt a little bit. I want you thinking about this like a fun date the two of you get to spend together with a new friend who will hopefully make you laugh while creating portraits of you that you’re gonna love forever. I want you to go home smiling! I want you excited to see your love captured! 

I want to stop thinking we have to look perfect at all times. We know life isn’t always a fairy tale but we wanna look good doing it with the person we love. So you got questions? Don’t worry, everyone does! I’m here to help.

Here are a few of questions you might want answered. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Skyands Manor Engagement

Why should we do an engagement session?

The session on your wedding day will be less mysterious!

It will give us a chance to get to know each other before the wedding day. Aren’t things easier when you know what you’re doing?! I like to think of engagement sessions as a really fun pre-test. You get to know all the answers before the big day and you get some pretty awesome photos of the two of you in non-wedding gear, and a fun date, looking good loving on each other.

Let’s get comfortable working together and we’ll work out those awkward poses and high nerves when the pressure isn’t as overwhelming. You got this!

Where should our engagement shoot be?

Anywhere you want! Sessions are most successful when in a place that you as a couple love. Somewhere significant to you.

Need some help with suggestions? Check out this ever growing list of locations and ideas to get your ideas flowing.

What should we wear for our engagement session?

Something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. Thats the most important part. You can check out some inspiration here.

Remember the engagement session is most successful when it feels personal and reflects who you are as a couple at your best. If that means wearing jeans a t-shirt and a leather jacket, or dressing up like its New Years Eve! I want you to feel comfortable, confident and open to getting giggly. That works a little less with uncomfortable wardrobe choices.

When do we get to see the photos from our engagement?

You can expect your images within six weeks from your session. They will be ready for you in an online gallery which you will download your images from. If you need your images before then, let me know and we can discuss rush processing your order.

What if the location we want requires a permit?

Permits and entrance fees will be the responsibility of the client to coordinate and acquire. Happy to brainstorm other ideas with you as well!

When should we do our session?

I suggest doing it at least two or three months prior to your wedding date. Scheduling it for the time of year you’d like is key too! Would you like to be photographed in a similar or opposite season? Keep that in mind when scheduling!

Note: I will do my best to accommodate your schedule; please remember that weekends can be difficult for me as weddings are typically Friday-Sunday (with several weekday elopements and holiday weddings). I schedule engagements weekdays typically 1-2 hours before sunset Monday-Thursday. Sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, and my calendar fills up quickly! Let me know ASAP some dates that work for you as a couple, and if a week day does not work for you. We will work something out!

What time do you usually schedule photos for?

Its all about the weather and time of year. Typically an hour or two before sunset. Sometimes we have to work with the limitations of open and close hours of places which we can keep in mind.

Should we practice posing before?

If you think it will help calm your nerves, and you want to prepare, I say go for it! I’ve never asked clients to do this, but I understand the curiosity and mystery surrounding being a model for the day! I will give you direction and hopefully we will have fun doing it. I promise you 95% of people are super nervous and think they will do something “wrong.” Don’t worry too much about that, let’s prepare to just have fun!

What should we bring with us?

As little as possible! We are going to be scoping out the best places for light and feel. Carrying around garment bags and props can be cumbersome. If its wintertime don’t forget a jacket and maybe some hand warmers!

How long does the session last?

Typically an hour and a half. About 10 or 15  first minutes of warm-up awkwardness, and then a whole bunch of fun. I promise it gets easier! By the end of it, you’ll know what to do!

Super Pro Tips:

Let go of your preconceived notions of what this session is supposed to be!

  • The only way its going to be fun is if you let it! Don’t think of this as a wedding chore/task. This is a date, let’s have fun!

Get your hair and make up done if you’re feeling it!

  • This could be a great time for your trial!

Be prepared to get close.

  • Brush them teeth! Just kidding, but really. You’re going to be getting close on this session. I’m going to have you hugging, touching, maybe a kiss or ten. Don’t feel like you have to look into the camera at all times, this is about the two of you being together.

Don’t over do it with tanning, it can look messy in photos.

  • Make sure if you are going to tan that your tan lines wont show, and do this at least a week prior to your session! No one looks good that red except lobsters!

Bring a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in.

  • Heels hurt!