November 16, 2013

Pam + Mike | NYC City Hall Elopement Wedding Photographer


What can I say about Pam and Mike that I haven’t already said to make myself sound crazy? Not much. These two are seriously sweet. Their adorableness is almost too much to handle. Their love transcends continents and I’m happy they made it official in NYC, where Pam lives, so I could be there to serve as their official witness as well as their photographer on their special day. When these two move back to Australia, where Mike (an exact vocal replica of Ringo Starr, I kid you not) lives, its going to be a sad day for New Yorkers but an awesome day for Aussies.

These guys are so cute, congrats on your marriage ya’ll. Anyone else planning a NYC City Hall Elopement I am in! I love being a wedding photographer

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