Shoot Inspiration List

ideas! locations! themes, oh my!

Need some help thinking of your engagement shoot idea or location with Lisa Hibbert Weddings?

This list has been complied and added to over the years. Some ideas are out of the box, some half conceived, some more traditional… Some places might require permits or entrance fees. If so, it is the responsibility of the client to arrange that.

These are just ideas to get your ideas flowing! Remember this is a date and your engagement session. I want it to be fun. It does *not* have to have a theme or feel contrived at all! Its about you two, enjoying some time together.

(Looking for inspiration on what to wear?)

Happy brainstorming!

Night time shoot with neon lights

Cherry Blossoms (usually April and May)

Fall with the changing leaves

Carnival or Fair grounds

Sussex County sunflower maze/corn maze

Get tattoos

NJ Botanical Gardens, Ringwood NJ

Central Park

Jersey City/(your town’s) artist murals

Food trucks at a farmers market

Brooklyn Bridge (sunrise session)


At home!

Cooking class

Baking together

Snowy winter session

snow ball fight, building a snowman

Movie Theater

Sunset time at the beach

walking your dogs


pillow fight in your pjs

swimming at the beach


horeseback riding

smoke bombs

The Met, MoMA, Museum of Natural History, etc…

A river in the woods

playing pool,

With your vintage car

Rent a vintage car/convertible

Pumpkin picking/apple picking

Ice cream and a walk (on the pier, along the river, through the city)


Meatpacking district

Southstreet Seaport

Brooklyn Rooftop


Coney Island

Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, etc… (go to your favorite team’s game or just play together)

Water balloon fight


Holi powder


Milk shakes/diner

Vintage glamour