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You ever wake up on a perfect Saturday morning, hop in the car and the radio plays every song you want to hear, theres no traffic and the windows are rolled down and the breeze isn’t too hot or too cold? Well thats what my drive was like, perfection. Stephanie got ready at the Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast with her sister Kelly. I’ve never had more beautiful natural light in a room. It fell over Stephanie in a way that I’ve never seen. The calm vibe of the day were certainly apparent. As we waited for her groom to arrive we laughed and just had a few moments of blissful quiet time. The ground of Morning Glory were perfectly sculpted. When Steve arrived I placed him for their first look, and had Stephanie come out. The look on Steve’s face was adorable. I love first looks. I really do. It so special to be able to witness a couple coming together on such an exciting day and look at each other and have their eyes swell up with pure love. Its just something you have to experience. Its so hard to describe that look of love and joy. Such warm and welcoming families they have. I was greated and treated so lovely-ly (a word?) by both sides of their family. I can’t imagine their day going any more perfectly. Perfect weather, perfect loving eyes, and a perfect ceremony and reception. I had so much fun and was honored that they allowed me to be there with them. Congratulations Stephanie and Steve!!

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