Shana + Eric | Sandy Hook Chapel Rustic Handmade Beach Wedding, Highlands NJ


You can see the love in Shana and Eric’s eyes when they look at each other and it showed in all of the handcrafted details of their wedding. What a labor of love their day was. Took place in a small chapel that they made their own with wildflowers, fully blossomed sunflowers and mason blue jars. The ceremony began with a group meditiation lead by s Swami dressed in an amazing coral garment. Their son was adorable and walked down the aisle like I’ve never witnessed such a young ring bearer do. He didn’t cry, he just smiled and ran to his daddy. It was amazing. They had a friend play a Native American blessing. Sometimes my cheeks hurt when I smile too hard pressed up against my camera, and let me tell you, I was so sore from such large smiles all day. They had cupcakes and fresh food for everyone to partake in. And the Sangria hour was one of the most original ideas I have ever heard of, plus it looked amazing. Their vows were sentimental and sweet and they mixed traditions of many cultures to truly make it their own. Shana and Eric, congratulations.

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