Megan + Nathan, Montclair NJ Engagement Photographer


This park is special to these two. This tree is where they wanted to say their vows. Somehow it reminds me of them. Imperfectly perfect, with pieces missing yet somehow still whole. That is Megan and Nathan. You can feel their warmth and genuine kindness and love for each other in just moments. I am so appreciative to them for picking me to photograph their wedding in just two weeks. They were open to taking photos in all those sweet little spots photographers dream of asking clients to do, but don’t want to seem crazy about to ruin a good pair of shoes. Megan and Nathan were all for it. They crawled down into two streams, got on the ground and even up in a tree. Perfection. I’m so happy with how their photos turned out. For two people who say they aren’t photogenic and don’t have good photos together… they nailed it.





















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