Lauren and Andrew Brigantine Beach Engagement Session


Lauren and Andrew braved some crappy weather on the day we were supposed to make their engagement shoot work, and got up early the next morning to hang out with me on the beaches of Brigantine, where Lauren grew up. This beach has the softest sand I have ever felt. I couldn’t believe it. I have vowed to return to this beach, which you can drive your cars on and fish or surf. It was the most pleasant beach I’ve ever had the pleasure to be on, plus it is right next to Atlantic City so obviously lots of fun is to be had in the area! This wedding next August in Philadelphia at the Crystal Tea Room is gonna be amazing. Just look at these two. I can’t even imagine them getting better looking, so seeing them all gussied up is going to be beyond amazing! So many great couples to look forward to over the next year. So exciting!


























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