Melissa and Theresa Bear Mountain Overlook Lodge New York Wedding Photographer


What incredible joy I expereienced photographing this wedding for Melissa and Theresa. These two women are such a great time.. not to mention totally in love, the absolute best of friends, and crazy beautiful inside and out. The moment they told me they were making a Buffy the Vampire Slayer save the date video, I KNEW, I just knew that we would all get along. Theres nothing more important for me than connecting with my clients. It was Oktoberfest and my third wedding at the Overlook Lodge on Bear Mountain in two weeks, I was so excited that these two were game to go down to the lake for some portraits and we even hit up the bridge and walked through traffic! Lots of honks and waves were experienced. So excited I was able to work with these ladies. I wish them all of the best and congratulations on everything. Beautiful things for y’all!








































































































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