Mountain Lakes House Princeton NJ Wedding Photographer, Meg + Bill


Meg and Bill were married in a lovely celebration at Mountain Lakes House in Princeton NJ. The property was on a quiet piece of land in a state park overlooking a lake on a small hill. They were married under a gorgeous old tree, and surrounded by 70 of their closest friends and family. We started the day a little behind schedule but made up for it with amazing portraits of Meg and Bill. These two know how to look super cute together. I loved learning about them and how they met right after New Years on the streets of Philadelphia because one of Meg’s best friends fake ID’s didn’t work at the bar they had wanted to go to. What a perfect mishap. Thinking your New Years is ruined but meeting the love of your life while walking home. How amazing?! Another great detail of the day is that Bill’s wedding ring was his grandfather’s before he passed away. I love when people pay homage to their loved ones in such special ways. He will literally carry a piece of his grandfather’s spirit with him wherever he goes. The best part of that story is Bill’s grandfather must have lost his ring and replaced it at a pawn shop at some point in his life. The inscription has the wrong names and dates, which has to be a funny story that was taken to the grave. I love tidbits like that! Bill also handmade a gift for Meg, a wooden jewelry box, and hand fashioned knives for his brothers, and cufflinks for his family and friends for the day. How amazing is that? It was a perfect day for Meg and Bill and their families. Congratulations!














































































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