10 on 10 – July 2015

10 on 10

This is my first 10 on 10 post. Where I post 10 photos on the 10th day of one day the month prior. Forgive me for starting out wrong, I’ve been busy! I’ve shot 7 weddings between now and the last 10th of the month. I was prepared for my post, about building community with other creatives. Its a difficult life living by yourself and working for yourself. I don’t think of myself as totally introverted but there is a large part of me that thrives on being alone, so it works for me. Sometimes, though, you need other’s who are in your same boat to lift you up and help you, if only by empathizing. I think these other photographers get it. Thats why we are all collaborating on this project created by Courtney Z from Portland OR.

Check out the other people who are a part of this project by clicking the links below.

Without large communities like Field Trip, or small communities like Spark in NYC, Camp Go Away or this 10 on 10 group I would be alone in this business that I love. But these small groups keep me connected to others. They being value to my life, they help with business questions, they refer me clients, they come shoot weddings with me as a second photographer, they brunch with me on the other side of the country. Without an online network like this, I would be alone. And I’m not. Without these people I wouldn’t have a 2015 that includes London, Paris, Portland, Palm Springs, San Diego, Brooklyn, Santa Barbara, and so many other places. I love getting to know these people and making some of my best friends these ways! Here are some memories that wouldn’t have been able to exist without other awesome creatives like the ones above. Stay tuned for next month’s 10 on 10 which is going to be awesome and have Parisian adventures!
Taking the time to build community in 2015 has changed my life. Here is some of that.

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