10 on 10 October


For this month’s 10 on 10, I take  you a bit into my family life. I went on a short vacation with my mother to see my grandparents in Florida. Here are a few images fromt that trip, including one of my father’s mother, Miss Iris. She made me pay her $50 to get the image. Not joking. My grandmother made me pay her to take her photo. Let me tell you, it was worth it. Creating memories and preserving her memory is important to me, even if she did try to make me delete the photos right after (while keeping the money). This was the day of the Super Moon. I saw no Supermoon, but I did see crazy waves off the coast of Daytona Beach, and lots of clouds! I only brought a 24mm lens with me on this trip, which is not something I’m comfortable using, so it was a new adventure. Enjoy, and make sure to visit the other collaborators on this month’s 10 on 10.











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