Stone House at Stirling Ridge NJ Wedding Photographer Pedro and Karen


Pedro and Karen were married just a couple of weeks ago in a Catholic ceremony near their home in Stirling New Jersey. What better place to have their reception than Stone House at Stirling Ridge. Easily one of my favorite venue staffs. Their November wedding had a white black and red theme that they carried over all day with the bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, as well as their florals and even table decor. Pedro and Karen were dressed in all white and had red adornments while their wedding part had red with white adornments. It was a great night dancing and celebrating their marriage with their closest friends and family (and even seeing their puppy for a minute!). Seeing their hard work pay off was amazing, all the planning really came together. I had never seen the room at Stone House set up that way, and I really loved it



















































Congratulations Pedro and Karen, it was a wonderful wedding and we all wish you the best!

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